Factory Scheduled Maintenance in North Smithfield, RI

Want to know how to keep your Subaru car in tip-top shape? Learn more about Subaru Factory Scheduled Maintenance from Anchor Subaru!

At Anchor Subaru, we know that New Englanders choose Subaru vehicles for any number of reasons. But ask many of our satisfied customers here in North Smithfield, RI and nearby Providence, Cranston, Johnston, Cumberland, RI and Attleboro, MA, and more often than not, you'll hear that they chose the Subaru brand for its reputation for reliability. That said, while our Subaru vehicles are undoubtedly long lasting and durable, every car needs some TLC from time to time. So, if you'd like to learn a bit more about the factory scheduled maintenance necessary to keep your Subaru car in top shape, we'd be only too happy to help you do so here at Anchor Subaru

Subaru Brakes

Want to stop on a dime? If so, you'll want to have your brakes inspected regularly. Typically, you'll want to have your Subaru car's brakes inspected when you have your tires rotated, usually every six months. Brake pads should last roughly 50,000 miles, but that can vary significantly depending on your driving habits, so it's good to have them checked on a regular basis.

Subaru Tires

Especially here in Rhode Island, having the right tires to support the road conditions is essential. At our North Smithfield, RI Subaru service center, we offer a wide range of Subaru-approved tires from top brands, including snow tires, all-season tires, and summer tires for performance driving enthusiasts to boot.

Subaru Batteries

If you've ever had trouble starting your car or needed to call for a jumpstart, you know how frustrating battery issues can be. Fortunately, regular maintenance can help you avoid Subaru battery issues altogether. Keeping your battery clear of corrosion and avoiding excessive heat can significantly extend its usable lifespan, but when it does, you'll find plenty of Subaru-approved batteries for sale at our North Smithfield, RI service center.

Subaru Oil Changes

Oil is just as essential as gasoline in keeping your Subaru running efficiently. Each Subaru vehicle has a different oil change interval, so it's important to know when you need to get it changed. Fortunately, you can find information about Subaru oil change intervals right here on our website.

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