Subaru Auto Start Stop | How To Videos

Subaru Auto Start Stop Explained

This video applies to 2019 and newer Forester models and 2020 and newer Crosstrek's equipped with CVT transmissions. 

Are you wondering why your Subaru shuts off when you stop?  The Subaru Auto Start Stop feature is designed to reduce fuel consumption, exhaust emissions, and idling noise.

This video will describe the Auto Start Stop benefits but also walk you through dashboard indicators, tracking capabilities, and how to turn off the feature. Don't forget you can always consult your owner's manual.

Subaru Auto Vehicle Hold and Auto Start Stop Features

The next video discusses Auto Start Stop and Auto Vehicle Hold features on the 2020-2021 Outback and Legacy models.

You will learn what these features do, the dashboard indicators that show you when these features are working, and how to turn these Subaru features on and off.  The Auto Vehicle Hold portion starts at about 2:13 in the video.