Love to have your car looking like new? Take advantage of our car detailing service her at Anchor Subaru

If you love your Subaru as much as we love ours here at Anchor Subaru, then you know the value of maintaining your vehicle. And fortunately that's something we're well-equipped to help you do here at Anchor Subaru. However, even beyond regular oil changes and tire rotations, there's one crucial service we can provide that will help you maintain your vehicle's signature look and feel for years to come : car detailing.

Three great reasons to have your car detailed here at Anchor Subaru

  • Regular car washes just don't cut it. Auto car washes use all-purpose cleaning solutions that simply don't catch all the grit and grime that accumulates as you drive around. Even worse, some even use harsh chemicals that can wear down exterior trim, rubber, plastics, and even your paint job over time. If you want to give your car that deep clean look without damaging exterior design elements, car detailing here at Anchor Subaru really is the way to go.
  • Interior cleaning: At Anchor Subaru, car detailing means a comprehensive cleaning inside and out. At our North Smithfield, RI Subaru service center, our team of detailing technicians will gladly go over every inch of your vehicle's interior, ensuring that everything from the upholstery to the center stack is free of stains, odors, and debris, leaving it with that new car feel and smell that you'll love.
  • Convenience: Unlike many other service centers in the area, it's only too easy to have your car detailed here at Anchor Subaru. In fact, you can set an appointment to have your car detailed with just a few short clicks here on our website with our online service scheduling tool.

Take advantage of our car detailing services at Anchor Subaru today!

We'd love to help you get the most out of your car, and our car detailing services are the best way to do so. So, if you'd like to avail yourself of our car detailing services, feel free to check out our latest special offers on service and maintenance and schedule your appointment with our North Smithfield, RI service center today!

 Anchor Subaru and Anchor Nissan have 15 detailing technicians that can bring your car back to showroom condition.   There are many steps in the process that we have developed to make sure your car comes back to you clean and shiny.  A normal detailing of your car will take about 4 hours.

Why should you detail your car?

While many people often will run to the local car wash regularly, the fact remains that detailing a vehicle is something that you should also do on a regular basis. Why should you get your car detailed? The answer is the public car washes use harsh chemicals and a one size fits all mentality to clean just about any type of vehicle that goes through the wash. While this may be convenient, it can pose potential harm to your vehicle.

Over time, trim, rubber, plastic, and the paint of your vehicle can show the effects of the damage that regular car washes can cause. With Anchor  auto detailing service, you can rest assured that your vehicle is being cleaned with microfiber cloths, gentle cleansers, and is being treated by solvents and solutions that help your paint job to last through the years.

When it comes to interior detailing, nothing beats Anchors auto detailing service. The trained technicians know how to get to the hard to reach places in your vehicle in order to clean every nook and cranny to get your vehicle looking great. These professionals are also masters when it comes to auto carpet cleaning in order to remove stains and odors. Come and see us today at either Anchor Subaru or Anchor Nissan to see the auto detailing difference.


Now lets look at a each step in a little more detail

Step #1 Wash
Anchor uses the two bucket method.   We have a bucket with our car washing soap made specifically for car washing.   The second bucket is filled with clean water to clean the sponge before soaping it up again and washing the car.   This avoids scratching the vehicle and uses clean water and soap each time you dip into the soap bucket. 

Step # 2 Dry

We like to use a clean shammy cloth towels along with microfiber towels.  Hi pressure blowers are also used to get water out of all the crevasse. 

Step #3 Clay
This is an important step that many skip to save time.  We clay the car using a new clay bar and plenty of clay bar lubricant and make sure we pay close attention to the hood, windows, and headlamps.   This process gets all the bugs and tough grim off the car prior to waxing. 

Step #4 Prep
Wipe down entire car and pay close attention to the area you just clayed to remove all the residue that is left over. 

Step # 5 Inspect
We inspect to see if we need to correct any previous swirl marks or if any touch up paint work, or paintless dent removal needs to be performed prior to polishing.   If special lighting is needed we have Xenon lighting wand available. 

Step #6 Polish

We use an orbital buffer and compound the paint using different pads for the different stages of the buffing process.

Step #7 Protect

After the polishing we put in an industrial vehicle wax that is designed to seal and protect and create a high sheen to give the car a new car shine.

Step #8 Inside
Vacuum all rugs and seats and Shampoo all rugs.  Use high pressure blower to clean all vents, wipe all surfaces and detail all trim areas including the dashboard and center console, clean all inside windows, clean all door jams and gaskets. 

Step #9 Fabric
Treat all cloth seats with stain guard and clean and treat leather seats with saddle soap.

Step #10 Wheels

Apply specially designed Wheel acid to remove all brake dust and road build up. Treat tires with tire dressing to protect and shine.

Step #11 Glass
Clean windows with vehicle window cleaner, and use two rags one for wet  and a microfiber cloth dry cloth.

Step #12 Details

Check all outside areas for excess wax especially in the body seams and door jams,

Pricing levels:

        Full Car Salon             $189.95

Exterior Salon          $99.95

         Interior Salon                 $99.95
     Basic Clean w/ Wax     $69.95

     Basic Clean       

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