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  • Bob, Chris, & Brian

    Locally family owned and operated for over 30 years…. What does that mean for you?

    We are a local family. We were born here, grew up here, went to school here, raised our families here and started our business here. We are not a big corporately owned and run dealership where you are just another number. We have grown steadily over the years by being there for each and every one of our customers, never forgetting that this is our home.
    We invest in our local economy, employ hundreds of local folks, and make a conscious effort to give back through the Subaru Love Promise and to many other organizations. We see our customers every day at local events, restaurants, the gym or the local coffee shop and whether it's in those settings or at the dealership, we are here and available to help.
    That's right, we're here every day because we don't just own our dealership, we operate it as well. If you ever need us you know where you'll find us. So, stop in or call anytime and don't be too surprised when we pick up!


  • Orfio Collilouri
    Sales Manager


  • Bob Volpi
    Sales Manager


  • Paul Zito
    Business Manager


  • Derrek Sanger
    Business Manager


  • Ron Traver
    Business Manager


  • Don Sullivan
    Pre-Owned Manager


  • Mike Hersey
    Product Specialist

    Read what Mike's Customers have to say...

    "My salesperson Michael Hersey was very knowledgeable and patient with all my questions. I never felt pressured or stressed. Even the last day of the final purchase, I went in thinking Michael was going to be quick with me as he needed to move on to the next deal. That was not the case. He spent a great amount of time with me and even went over a few more things when I was ready to drive off the lot."

    "Mike Hersey is a definite keeper for the company. He found exactly what I wanted with professionalism and personality."

    "Buying a car from Anchor Subaru was easy and a great experience! Brand new facility, very friendly and professional staff - if you are in the market for a Subaru check them out. I bought my car a week ago from them and I love it! Talk to Mike Hersey if you really want to know what these cars are all about. From performance to features, interior and exterior characteristics, Mike knows his stuff. Thanks again Anchor Subaru!"


  • Kelly Malone
    Product Specialist


  • Ben Rowan
    Product Specialist


  • Bob Lacrosse
    Product Specialist

    Read what Bob's Customers have to say...

    "It was really a great process. Anchor Subaru was a clear standout. I spent time with 4 different Subaru dealers and Anchor provided a compelling price and did it quickly without any hassle, unlike the other dealers. Anchor got the exact car I asked for and made the process as painless as possible. Bob LaCrosse did a great job and I'm glad I gave Anchor the chance to earn my business. I'd gladly recommend them. Also so far two weeks in my car is great. Glad I chose a Subaru."

    "Bobby Lacrosse was outstanding, attentive and professional. Loving my new Crosstrek."

    "I purchased my LAST Subaru from Bob Lacrosse when he was [at another dealership]. When I went to research a new/used I wanted someone I could trust because was struggling. So I hunted him down and found him at Anchor."


  • Ali Asgarian
    Product Specialist

    Read what Ali's Customers have to say...

    April 2018 - F. Spadazzi
    I have a 3 years experience dealing with various members of the Anchor Subaru staff and regard this dealership and personnel as among the very best that I have done business with in my lifetime of owning vehicles.  As a result I have pretty high expectations whenever I have any dealings with Anchor Subaru at any level, sales or service. 

    "New showroom is very clean and user friendly… I am amazed how clean the bays [in service] were… It is worth the ride to check out the 'little Subaru car' sitting on top of the main entrance… Buying a new car is stressful but Ali was great and just wanted to help us out as much as possible… ANCHOR! YOU SHOULD BE VERY PROUD OF YOUR TEAM MEMBERS!"

    "Everything was absolutely wonderful. [Ali] went above and beyond in every way. Couldn't be happier."

    "I am absolutely thrilled with the way I was treated at Anchor. Ali, my sales rep, was fabulous. He was knowledgeable, courteous and thorough. He was always available and never seemed rushed or hurried."


  • Greig Isdale
    Product Specialist

    Read what Greig's Customers have to say...

    March 2018 - M. Sprague
    The team worked with us, especially Brian and Greig.   They got us to a payment we could afford.  They put us in a great, safe, dependable auto.  They answered all our concerns.  Also, this is the 6th Subaru we have bought at Anchor.  We wouldn't keep coming back if the service wasn't excellent.  

    "I just bought my first new car from Anchor! … We were placed in the hands of Greig, who despite his quirks, is a really awesome man.  Greig had a lot on his plate, but he satisfied myself, my mom, and my boyfriend.  This was no easy feat but Greig answered all our questions and then some.. Upon pick up of my car, he explained what every button did and sync'd my phone to the vehicle for me! I am utterly impressed with the service I received here at Anchor!"

    "My salesman, Grieg Isdale was excellent, he asked me questions about what I was looking for in a car, he listened to my answers then showed me a car which fit my needs perfectly. Grieg was completely professional, courteous, patient, and attentive to my needs. He took the time to answer all my questions and explained everything clearly, concerning both the car and the financing of it. I highly recommend Grieg Isdale and Anchor Subaru."

    "Greig Isdale was my salesman who is very professional and answered all my questions on the vehicle. When it came time for delivery, Greig sent a driver over to pick me up, and I live 45 minutes away. He went over the entire car with me and all its features. If you're looking to buy a Subaru, go to Anchor and ask for Greig, you won't be disappointed."

    "Greig listened to our needs and helped us choose the perfect car. Very happy with the dealership from sales to financial to picking up the car. Love the Crosstrek!"


  • Jorge Navarro
    Product Specialist

    Read what Jorge's Customers have to say...

    July 2018 - A. Rodriquez Dunn
    I was treated with respect the moment I walked in.  I was not rushed to sign anything before I was ready nor to make a purchase.  Jorge took his time to answer all of my questions.  I also felt like there were no "gimmicks" - the actual financial transaction was smooth and according to what Jorge and myself had agreed upon.

    "I went inside , I was introduced to Jorge Navarro. Let me tell you he was great , he explained every little question I had . There was no pressure I felt at all. He made my experience awesome. I felt this place was the best place to purchase my new vehicle. I had no doubt coming here. If your looking for a great deal and awesome customer service you need to visit this place first!!!!!"

    "Our salesperson, Jorge Navarro, was the BEST. He knew the car was primarily for me (not my husband) and he really took the time to make sure I knew about every single feature on the vehicle. He spoke primarily to ME even though my husband was present. We would certainly seek out Jorge to buy another vehicle. He is an invaluable asset to the Anchor Subaru dealership."

    "We found an excellent salesman, his name is Jorge Navarro. He is very knowledgeable about all the different car models and how they compare; he took the time to explain it all to us!... He helped us out throughout the whole process taking in consideration all of our needs. Would definitely recommend this place and Jorge!"


  • Gladimir Guerrier
    Product Specialist

    Read what Gladimir's Customers have to say...

    April 2018 - F. Champagne
    Gladimir was very pleasant, patient and thorough.  He answered all of our questions and helped us find the car that we wanted.  It is a pleasure doing business with him and Anchor Subaru. 

    April 2018 - E. Moy-Gederman
    Everyone from the person who greeted us to the person who sold us the car, was courteous, polite and helpful.  Loved that we were able to walk the lot alone and test drive a vehicle alone.  It helped that were given the time to discuss without being listened to when our first visit was to learn and test drive.  We walked back in a week later and purchased. 

    Jan 2018 - B. Barber
    I was very stressed when I was turning in my lease and Gladimir made the process so easy and was very helpful.

    "My experience at Anchor Subaru was quick, transparent, and most of all, hassle-free.  Gladimir in Sales … provided a hassle-free and reassuring car buying experience.  I have purchased many vehicles from many dealerships but this is my second Subaru from Anchor, and as long as they keep up this level of service, they have a lifelong customer. Thanks again!"

    "13 months ago I leased a Subaru Legacy from Anchor, the salesperson that I dealt with was Gladimir.  I found him to be very friendly and helpful.  I assumed, after a long lifetime of purchasing vehicles, assumed that upon my return service visits, he would like so many before forget who I was… I waited a year to give a review, I have been pleasantly surprised that he not only remembered, but offered his help for anything I had a problem with.  Great guy!  I also have a good feeling about the service department so far."

    "I'm Glad I just met Gladimir. I saw a used, non-Subaru listed on your website and arranged a test drive… I got to thinking that someone had most likely just traded that vehicle in FOR a new Subaru, so I started to compare that make and model against a Forester, which ended up being superior in many ways.  Gladimir was happy to help me find a Forester similar in price… he was very informative."


  • Peter Frain
    Product Specialist

    Read what Peter's Customers have to say...

    May 2018  - G. Wolfe
    We have been Anchor customers for about 15 years and they always strive to satisfy us 100%.  Their prices are competitive, their service is exemplary, and everyone is professional and friendly.  And their product line is fantastic.  We love our Subaru's.

    "Keep being you Anchor, you're the best … I felt so comfortable with my sales associate Peter. [He] made it an experience not a dreaded task."

    "[Peter had] great communication. Very trustworthy, no nonsense, great, easy experience."

    "Peter F. was the best. He took the time to show me my car and how to use all the fancy gadgets that it came with. He also introduced me to everyone throughout the dealership. Kind of makes you feel like part of the family. Anchor Rocks!!!"


  • Vin Catauro
    Product Specialist

    Read what Vin's Customers have to say...

    June 2018 - R. Limoges
    This is the fourth vehicle that I have purchased from Anchor Subaru.  I feel that they make the process simple and I have never felt pressured or stressed.  It is almost hard to rate this above expectations because I have come to expect Anchors purchase experience.

    April 2018  - M. Skaba
    My salesman gave me the best tutorial on my car the day we picked it up.  He made sure I understood everything I needed to know to best enjoy me new car. 

    "My salesman Vin was excellent throughout this purchase and I like that there was no pressure and he was very patient"

    "My salesman went above and beyond. No rushing. He even stayed open late to make sure I was happy. Vin is a great asset to your company."

    "This was the easiest and least painful car buying experience for me - no pushy salesman or finance manager. They didn't have my car in stock so I had to wait but Vin kept me up to date on status throughout the week. Its been about 2 weeks now and i'm loving my 2017 Impreza."


  • Jim Hedstrom
    Product Specialist


  • Bill Lee
    Product Specialist

    Read what Bill's Customers have to say...

    August 2018  - Mm3 -
    Had a great experience here with Bill Lee, who made the whole process very simple. He had a great Crosstrek for me and I left with a good price in what felt like record time. Bill was knowledgeable and explained all of the features very well-in particular, I liked that he opened the hood and talked me through that portion before even getting in the car.

    July 2018 - The Krapf Family -
    We leased a 2018 Crosstrek. This was my family's 5th SUBARU. Bill Lee sold each and every one to me. He is knowledgeable and by this time knows exactly what I am looking for in a Subaru. As always our Anchor experience was perfect! We were in and out of the dealership in less than 3 hours. I think that is unheard of. Although I did know which vehicle we wanted. Bill had the car waiting for us when we arrived to test drive it. All of the staff is courteous and so helpful. Anchor and of course Bill are always accommodating and professional while making us feel " at home". As far as my family is concerned Anchoe Subaru is Perfection! THANK YOU AGAIN ANCHOR AND BILL LEE!

    Jan 2018 - K. Sullivan
    Dealer honored my request for e-mail communication to start.  Provided the data needed for my decision process but did not pester me with calls.  I cannot say that for other dealers in my area that I also inquired for this vehicle purchase.  Also, while on site dealer and salesman were very responsive to my time needs to make this a good experience.

    "I traveled to Anchor all the way from the SouthCoast of Massachusetts because my mechanic said they were the best Subaru dealership around.  The experience was great.  Anchor has tremendous inventory of cars.  Bill Lee, the salesman with whom I worked was friendly, knowledgeable and helpful.  All around, it as an easy, pleasant experience."

    "Bill L. was pleasant and knowledgeable … Bill has called to make sure everything has been seamless."

    "Bill was courteous and helpful throughout the process. Made the transaction easy and wasn't overly aggressive. Would recommend him to anyone looking to purchase a car."


    "My salesman, Bill Lee, was very helpful and patient navigating me through all the paperwork. My questions were answered thoroughly as we proceeded through the process… This has definitely been my best car buying experience."


  • Shar Chauvin
    Product Specialist

    Read what Shar's Customers have to say...

    July 2018 - S. Youman - Google Reviews
    I went to purchased my car from Anchor a few months back and have had a great experience every time I have gone there. My sales guy Shar was very Knowledgeable and didn't push me into purchasing the car, just talked me through the steps and before I knew it I was driving out in my dream car. Once I purchased the car and it was time for an oil change Patty was my service writer, She was great followed up with me and let me know my car was done and nothing but smiles every time a customer walks in the door. When I went back to get my car from the oil change and general service I had noticed a scratch and dent on the driver door, I had asked to speak to a manager to see if they can find out what happened and that's when I was introduced to Mike. Mike was unable to pin point when or where the incident happened but in order to maintain a happy customer he offered to have the dent pulled and the scratch fixed at no charge to me. He gave me a no hassle resolution to the damage that happened at the shop and let me hold onto the loaner for another day. Once I came back in the following day the scratch was unnoticeable and they were apologetic due to the slight mishap. I will without a doubt bring my car back for service, This was not intended to sound like I am complaining this was meant to inform potential future customer you are not just a number when you go to Anchor. Once you purchase if they make a mistake they will resolve the issue that occurs and treat you like family.

    June 2018 - B. Tomei
    Anchor Subaru was a pleasure to work with from the minute we walked in the door.  We did not feel any pressure to buy, all of our questions were answered professionally, our time was valued, and the price of the vehicle was completely in line with our research so we did not feel that were were being taken advantage.

    April 2018 - K. Pichette
    The salesperson was very responsive to my inquiry on the car I was interested in.  Even had the car with a plate ready for my test drive when I arrived.  The overall experience was quick and efficient, yet personable. 

    "[Shar] was great. Super knowledgeable, flexible, and willing to answer any and all questions I had, day or night, Very straightforward and honest with his answers and information."

    "Anchor Subaru is a great dealership hands down. Every aspect from sales to service have been awesome!... Shar Chauvin was a great sales rep from Anchor very knowledge and very customer oriented."

    "I was very impressed with everything about Anchor… Shar Chauvin was incredible. He was very knowledgeable of the product and explained everything inside and out to me. I feel he went the extra mile to make everything perfect. The new building was beautiful and state of the art."


  • Josh Ostrow
    Product Specialist

    Read what Josh's Customers have to say...

    July 2018 - JeffC.  -
    Went to Anchor Subaru after being very disappointed with the service I received at other dealerships. I am very pleased I did. I was treated with honesty and respect from the minute I met Josh until I drove off in my new Subaru. I know who to send my friends to when they are planning to buy a car. Thanks Josh

    July 2018 - K. Lemme Moretti
    The entire process was quick and easy.  No sales pressure or games.  Easiest vehicle I've ever purchased.

    June 2018 - LisaK
    I recently found myself in the market for a car and decided I was buying a Subaru. After going to a few dealers in the area and not thrilled by my experience, I walked into Anchor Subaru and was immediately greeted by Josh Ostrow. He was courteous, understanding and most importantly informative about the Subaru brand. He made sure I knew all of the features in the Crosstrek I ended up driving out in 2 hrs after I walked in the door. Thank you Josh!


  • Erin Kelley
    Internet Sales


  • Joe Messina
    Internet Sales


  • Donna Benoit
    Internet Sales


  • Nolan Taylor
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  • Administration


  • Mike Breen
    Marketing/IT Manager


  • Drew Smith
    Parts Manager


  • Mike Plante
    Service Manager


  • Adam Saccoccia
    Service Advisor

  • Patti Wright
    Service Advisor

    Read what Patti's Customers have to say...

    July 2018 - K. Brown
    Everyone at the dealership is friendly, helpful and eager to please.  I always feel as though I am visiting friends and am treated like a friend.  Service is great.  Even the shuttle drivers are great.  My car is cleaned, services and ready to go home.  Anchor Subaru has gone above and beyond. 


  • Tyler Farias
    Service Advisor

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    July 2018 - M. Ricci
    Quality and communication between staff and customers is far beyond any other service experience I've had.


  • Cody Ekholm
    Service Advisor

  • Paula Santandrea
    Service Advisor/Dispatch


  • Jenna Viera
    Service Administration


  • Maddie Rovinski
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  • Alyssandra Tetreault
    Service Administration

  • Ralph Boudreau
    Subaru Certified

  • Nathan Brathwaite
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  • Alan Knight
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  • Keith Johnson
    Subaru Certified Technician

  • Jeff Saucier
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